Curve treadmill training, also known as non-motorised or self-powered treadmill training, offers numerous benefits compared to traditional motorised treadmills. Firstly, it increases cardiovascular endurance as the user generates more effort and engages their muscles to power the treadmill. This leads to a higher heart rate and improved endurance over time.

Secondly, it enhances muscle engagement, particularly in the lower body, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves, due to the requirement of generating force to propel oneself forward on the curved surface.

Thirdly, it promotes better running form and technique as users are encouraged to adopt proper posture, foot strike, and gait cycle, reducing the risk of injuries. It offers a lower-impact workout, reducing stress on joints and making it suitable for those with joint sensitivities or recovering from injuries.

Viking Athletics has successfully seen tangible improvements for AFL, AFLW, Nutri-grain Iron men/women/ NRL and track and field athletes in as short a time as 4 weeks.

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